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Newport Beach Taxi Cab Vs. Airport Shuttle Rates

Newport Beach Cab offers minivan taxis that can compare with any good airport shuttle service.  Our vans are mostly Ford Windstar and Ford Freestar minivans that ride like a regular car.  You can fit up to 6 passengers for the price of one.  Compare to the higher price per passenger, instead of a set per trip price.  Because of the proximity of Newport Beach right next to Orange County Airport, you can find a better taxi deal, than a shuttle deal.

Unlike regular SNA or LAX shuttles, we offer good reasons to use a taxi or cab to get to the airport.

#1.  Taxis are very competitive when two or more ride.
Check our discounts and frequent rider cab discounts, that can make your taxi trip less than the Airport shuttle.  In some cases, a taxi from Newport  will cost less than a shuttle ride, without the hassles.

#2.  Ride Non-Stop to any destination, including all airports.  
Our cabs don't stop to pick up other riders and you don't have to wake up much earlier to meet the schedule of a shared ride.

#3.  Don't ride with strangers or people you don't know. You never have to share the ride.  You get to have your luggage and belongings always within sight and at an arms length, for the convenience factor.

#4.  Unlike a shuttle van, we charge per trip.  No extra charge for additional passengers.  A shuttle van charges or costs at a per person rate.

#5   Reservations are easy and can change, if your plans change.  
There is no booking fee and no charges for changes to your iteniary.  Your shuttle can't adapt with airline changes.  The difference between a long wait or overnight stay at the airport, because you couldn't reschedule, may way on the fact that an Airport's or taxi shuttle company isn't flexible.  Compare to our cab-taxi service that can change pickup times in an instant and be available in 5-30 minutes for last minute changes.  
"Do you want to be fit in, or do you want to be fitted."

#6   Drivers of taxis in the City of Newport Beach, CA are regulated, background screened, and drug tested rigorously.  The requirements to become a taxi driver are more stringent than being a regular shuttle driver.  "Who do you want at the wheel? "  

Have you ever ordered a shuttle from online before?   There are numerous taxi and shuttle companies that disguise themselves as the other type of business.  Why do these companies to do this?  Wonder what else they are hiding?   So next time you order a shuttle to the John Wayne Airport or SNA or JWA or LAX, think again.  If you didn't call us, be prepared for unmarked cars, unlicensed van services, or shuttle companies sending you taxis.... Chances are, if you don't stick with a reputable company, the few dollars you might save with them, could become a nightmare for your trip out of town.

Newport Beach Airport Shuttle Questions and Answers

Q.  What does a shuttle cost from Newport Beach to SNA or JWA or Orange County Airport ?

A.  About the same as a Newport TAXI CAB !   Our last check put the average at around $20.  That is per person, not per trip.  Remember, A Taxi Cab will only charge based on trip mileage to start and per mile.  If you live closer to the airport, a taxi really shines.  Not only do you avoid the shuttle scheduling and multiple drops and pickups, you get PRONTO service.  *Note:  If you make your cabbie wait, they can start the meter and time clicks at $30.00 per hour or prorated at about 50 cents a minute.

Q.  What happened to the NEWPORT BEACH MARRIOTT AIRPORT SHUTTLE - to or from John Wayne/Orange County Airport ?

A.  Newport Beach Yellow Cab Taxi and Airport Transportation took over the shuttle contract for all trips going to SNA in Early 2009.  Guests may ask the front desk for a "Airport Shuttle Taxi" voucher, which actually serves as a hotel paid for "Shuttle".

Newport Beach Taxi Cab Vs. Airport Shuttle Rates
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